Coffee table


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One of our goals, is for you to have unlimited options and be able to create the space you deserve! Therefore, you may use these abstract designed side tables, either separately as units, or combine them and create the perfect surface than will utterly cover your needs.

Their strict lines, geometry, and elegance, renders them ideal to support any desirable decoration.

Their base ends in a metal frame, to which we have applied the melamine surface and significantly fortified its durability, so, you don’t need to worry about getting bumps on your Cof.T s’ edges that easily!

Inspiration – Application

You may use our Fu.Mod.Cof.T side tables literally any way you wish! For example, you can use them as low-height shelf to accommodate your paintings, storage boxes and decorative items. Place them in your bedroom circumferentially, as an improvised bookcase, or in your wardrobe, to arrange your accessories. Additionally, they can accommodate your plants, your sound system and generally anything you wish to arrange neatly in a conspicuous place.


Fu.Mod.Cof.T3 – L 40 X W 50 X H 38 cm (€144 – €180)

Fu.Mod.Cof.T4 – L 80 X W 50 X H 38 cm (€176 – €220)

Fu.Mod.Cof.T7 – L 80 X W 40 X H 38 cm (€176 – €220)

Fu.Mod.Cof.T8 -L 120 X W 40 X H 38 cm (€224 – €280)

  • DIMENSIONSL 120 × W 40 × H 38 cm
+ € 40
+ € 40
+ € 100
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