Extra storage solutions with a simple addition of a cupboard.
Extra storage solutions with a simple addition of a cupboard.
minimal bookcase
Melamine colour.
Fu.Mod.Boo.S 191

Fu.Mod.Boo.S 191

Fu.Mod.Boo.S 191 bookcase system consists of metal uprights and melamine shelves. Its design is simple and able to adapt to any style and decorative needs. Fu.Mod.Boo.1 presence is discreet and its lines geometric and perfectly symmetrical. It is offered in three standard dimensions but, we can also have it made exactly in the dimensions you want. Its construction is characterized by durability and great stability.

Inspiration – Application

Fu.Mod.Boo.S 191 is our very first bookcase. It was designed to organize any space, under the most discreet possible way. On top of that, its simple lines make it ideal to provide you the freedom you need, to decorate your space, exactly the way you want. Fu.Mod.Boo.S191 can be easily accommodated in your living room and reading room, as well as in your business premises.

Its spacious shelves can hold literature books, large scrapbooks, boxes in various sizes and any other object you desire. Its ability to adapt to any dimension, makes it something even more than “just” practical, it makes it your filing and storage valuable ally.

The bookcase comes in packages, with detailed assembly instructions and all the necessary parts and tools.


Solid metal and natural colored melamine 25 mm.


The length of the bookcase Fu.Mod.Boo.S is 191 cm. Choose between 22, 30 or 40 cm shelve widths.

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  • DIMENSIONSL 191 × W 30 × H 202 cm
Width Shelves
+ € 80
+ € 220
Number of shelves
+ € 85
+ € 95
+ € 115
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Total Price 730
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