dMod in my space
dMod in my space
Melamine colour.


Undoubtably, our Fu.Mod.Boo.D8 system is distinguished by its remarkable flexibility. It consists of six metal uprights in black color and seven melamine shelves, arranged in a way that offer you all the freedom you need, to create the space you desire. It can be both leaned against a wall like any other bookcase or placed vertically against the wall as a practical room divider. Its large, comfortable shelves can accommodate large books, records, and any other object you wish. Another remarkable option that Fu.Mod.Boo.D8 offers you, is that you may add as many shelves and uprights you need, in order to transform the furniture exactly the way you wish.

Inspiration – Application

There is furniture that offers you the sense of simplicity, freedom, and constant evolution. They may be static, but you know that, if you wish they can be moved anywhere you want. Our Fu.Mod.Boo.S system belongs to this category of furniture. You may choose it to organize your books in your living room or place it in your workplace and separate two working stations (desks). By all means, you will discover that you can use Fu.Mod.Boo.D8 not only to place your television, but also to arrange your plants (or any other objects) on its top shelves. Undoubtedly, the applications of this system are unlimited. For example, Fu.Mod.Boo.D8 can be placed in your bedroom, the reception area or even in your minimalist kitchen.

Fu.Mod.Boo.D8 comes in packages, with detailed assembly instructions and all the necessary parts and tools.


Solid metal and natural colored melamine 25 mm.


The length of the composition Fu.Mod.Boo.D8 is 310 cm. Choose between 22, 30 or 40 cm shelve widths.

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  • DIMENSIONSL 310 × W 30 × H 202 cm
Width Shelves
+ € 85
+ € 190
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Total Price 650
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