Bookcase Suggestions

Here in dMod, we deeply respect the diversity of each of our customers and we truly enjoy finding solutions to meet both their decorative and storage needs, taking inspiration from their everyday life and personality.

Modern people who love smart solutions, express themselves through minimalism and most certainly choose furniture that matches their philosophy and lifestyle.

We create systems that assimilate into each decorative environment, having the necessary discreet presence, while intelligently organizing both the household of your house, or the needs of your workplace.

Our bookcase system:

  • Stands out for the unlimited composition possibilities it offers.
  • You either have the possibility to choose from the standard dimensions / ready-made proposals that we have already created, or to design with us the system that exactly fits your requirements.
  • You may use it in various areas of your home, such as your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or reception area, but also in your office or your store.
  • Its shelves, come in three different widths, 20, 30 and 40cm, so you can accurately place your books, discs, or any other item you wish to display.
  • It has minimal, geometric lines so it can easily assimilate into spaces that are already decorated and have a specific style.
  • In addition to books, it can accommodate your TV, records, stereo system, decorations, plants, or any other item you wish to organize, store or display.
  • It has been designed to evolve with different additional modules, such as bookends or even hangers. You can also compile it either with a desk or auxiliary tables, thus creating a beautiful, functional ensemble and a complete decorative proposal.


*The materials of our system are high quality melamine with a thickness of 25mm and solid metal which we work in our workshop.

It is offered with the choice of electrostatic painting.